You don't have to suffer back pain in pregnancy, find out the drug-free approach that really works! 

Back pain and sciatica in pregnancy is quite common, but you don't just have to put up with it.  We have natural, drug-free options that can not only help relieve the pain but help you have a more natural pregnancy as well.

When you are pregnant, many of the usual ways of dealing with pain like pain killers just aren't available to you. Thankfully there are safe and natural methods still available for you.

In the Expert Session we will cover:

  • The cause of the back pain.
  • The level of relief you can expect.
  • The best self-management exercises for you.
  • A nutritional plan.
  • A plan for the rest of your pregnancy.
  • Discuss natural pain- relief strategies for pregnancy and birth.
  • Leave the session knowing exactly what you need to do to get relief from back pain naturally. 

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