Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Brookvale

Natural, Surgery Free Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you think you might have Carpal tunnel syndrome? If so, Dr. Rachael Veronesi, Chiropractor, of NeuroBalance Chiropractic in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches advises taking early action to get treatment. Call her on (02) 9938 5456 to find out how Chiropractic can help with this painful condition that can develop into a debilitating problem.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a condition that causes the median nerve to become compressed in the narrow pathway or ‘tunnel’ called the Carpal Tunnel in the wrist.

Sufferers of CTS experience a number of symptoms in the affected wrist and hand that radiate into the arm below the elbow. These symptoms are usually pain, commonly accompanied by any combination of weakness, numbness, burning, tingling and itching. Initial symptoms are most commonly felt in the hand and affect the palm, thumb and fingers.

You may have experienced the early symptoms at night because most people have flexed wrists during sleep. Perhaps being woken up by a ‘dead’ hand or feelings of ‘pins and needles’. The problem progresses in severity so that it might become more difficult to clench your fist or pick up small objects. Worryingly, the numbness can make it difficult to tell hot from cold and this gives you a risk of injury from burns.

Why Do Some People Get CTS?

  • It might come down to genetics as some people have a narrower carpal tunnel than others, making it more likely that the median nerve will become compressed;
  • You might develop the condition if you have had an accident or an injury to your wrist that caused swelling;
  • It could be caused as a result of a medical condition that you have, the most common ailments having an effect on the likelihood of CTS include hypothyroidism, inflammatory arthritis and diabetes;
  • Your job could make you more likely to suffer from this problem too if you are a gardener, builder, mechanic, assembly line or checkout worker, or have a job where you use vibrating power tools. You may work on an assembly line or other job where you repeat the same movements many times each day. All these can place you at greater risk of developing Carpal tunnel syndrome.

How Is It Diagnosed?

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, or have any of the risk factors for CTS that we have mentioned, getting early treatment can make a big difference.

At NeuroBalance Chiropractic, Dr Veronesi will conduct a number of tests in her assessment that can help her to pinpoint the cause of your problem. Once the cause has been established, gentle Chiropractic manipulation and mobilization including soft-tissue treatment will help to relieve pressure on the affected median nerve.

Do Not Delay Getting Treatment!

Taking early action and getting treatment for your CTS symptoms could avoid the necessity for surgery to release the ligament covering the carpal tunnel in order to relieve the pressure on the nerve. Treatment from a Chiropractor is a good, conservative first choice option for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So call Neurobalance Chiropractic on (02) 9938 5456 to arrange your consultation today.