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A Dummies Guide to Supplements

As chiropractors, we like take a holistic approach to our patients’ health and road to recovery. As well as our chiropractic treatments, we will often recommend exercises and stretches that you can do at home, along advising ways to prevent you from re-injuring your spine. Supplements can also be a great way to speed recovery, […]

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Preventing Falls with Diet and Exercise

As the population ages, preventing falls becomes ever more important. According to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare, over 80% of people over the age of 65 who are hospitalized for an injury were injured in a fall. Every year, about a third of people over the age of 65 experience at […]

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The Importance of Good Sleep

World Sleep Day 2016 is March 18. The day is intended to raise awareness of sleep disorders and the importance of good sleep. This year’s sleep day slogan is “Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream”. If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you’re probably familiar with the irritability, lack of energy, and inability to focus that […]

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7 Reasons You Need to See a Naturopath

Brookvale Naturopath, Eliza Blackwood, feels there is a good reason why more and more people are going to a Naturopath.  Simply put, it is the natural approach to health, free of drugs and chemicals, that people find attractive. Based on her 15 plus years of experience, Eliza has found these are the most common reasons people […]

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