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Dr Susan Tyfield

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A bit about myself, I graduated in 2006 from the Durban University of Technology in South Africa where I worked for 4 years in a small town private practice. This invaluable experience gave me the chance to care for a wide range of patients with a diverse range of problems. Since moving to Australia I have worked in a suburban family practice as well as a faster paced city centre practice and have had the pleasure and opportunity, to help with patients from all walks of life and ages.

My special interests lie in treating chronic pain sufferers, sportspeople and especially performing artists such as musicians, dancers and circus performers. Learning healthy behaviours and optimising body mechanics is crucial in this industry for longevity of performing. I am also a member of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare and in South African was a member of the Student Sports Association.

I utilise a range of techniques from the traditional manual adjustments to gentler therapies including activator and blocking. I am also trained in dry needling and have found this to be a great complimentary therapy for some. I also do group, band and class assessments, whereby I would go to a practice session, observe and suggest any changes to maximise performance and reduce stress on the body.

Personally I enjoy reading, skiing, long walks and am currently obsessed with podcasts! My patients have described me as empathic and knowledgeable and I try to keep up with the latest in Evidence Based Practice to give my patients the personal, professional care they deserve.