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Eliza Blackwood

Eliza Blackwood - experienced naturopath in northern beachesNaturopath, Nutritionist, NES Health Practitioner

Having over 15 years’ of clinical experience Eliza Blackwood has worked both in Australia and overseas treating vast array of people from Middle Eastern royalty, celebrities, and of course, everyday people.

Eliza is passionate about helping growing families find their health and wellbeing.  She believes in treating people, not just their symptoms, for best healthcare.

Specialising in family health, Eliza sees people for all kinds of issues including pre-conception care, hormonal issues, fertility & pregnancy and children’s health complaints offering safe, proven, drug-free alternatives and nutritional education.

Eliza also has a special interest in skin and digestive issues finding ways to help people with these often frustrating and chronic health problems.

As well as general practice Eliza is an accomplished writer and teacher with published health articles. She enjoys family life with two sons of her own and 3 step-children that inspire her in helping others towards better family health.

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