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Nutritional Testing Services

What Is Functional Nutrition?

Understanding how your body is functioning at a metabolic level can give a great deal of insight into potential underlying causes of a particular problem. Functional testing embraces a person’s individual make-up and can give you a greater understanding of any imbalances that are present in your body. Call (02) 9938 5456 now to make an appointment.

If you want a clearer picture on any underlying metabolic dysfunction, functional lab tests can be of great benefit.  Our Naturopath, Eliza Blackwood works closely with your GP and other healthcare professionals to make an accurate assessment of your health.  Testing can include things like hormone levels and food intolerances.

Functional lab tests can help you on your path to optimal health and can help you take control of your health.

What About Traditional Blood Tests From My GP?

They are not the same thing. You can fall in the normal range with a traditional blood test and still be unhealthy. Apart from overt pathology, analysing the delicate nature of the normal biochemical cascade of effects can give you a greater understanding of the root cause of the problem. A problem upstream can lead to symptoms downstream.

What Tests Are Available?

Food Detective IgE food intolerance testing

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How Do I Order A Test?

You will need an initial consultation to discuss your health concerns and so that the most appropriate test can be ordered. Once we understand what test needs to be carried out we will order you a specific specimen collection kit. This kit is then taken to any pathology lab where a qualified technician will take the sample. The kit is then sent to enclosed address for testing.

How Do I Get The Results?

A follow-up visit is needed for us to go through your results with you and give you best next course of action. Call (02) 9938 5456 now to make an appointment with Eliza Blackwood.