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A Life-Long Condition Conquered

Some conditions are life-long, and whilst there is no cure to get rid of them completely, there are ways to manage them, reduce their effects, and basically make life much easier. One of those conditions is known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. If you are a sufferer of IBS then you will understand very well […]

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Ironman Triathlons – Free Infographic

Ironman triathlons are one of the most extreme forms of endurance events and place an incredible toll on your body.  If you’re thinking of competing in next year’s Port Macquarie Ironman event, now is the time to start training.  To help you out we’ve produced this infographic with some background on the Ironman event, most common […]

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Benefits of Babywearing for Mum and Baby

We’ve all seen mums lugging their babies around in carseats that weigh much more than baby does. Perhaps you’ve even been one of those mums. While it comes as no surprise that carrying baby in this way can cause back, neck, and shoulder problems for the person carrying baby, there is another disadvantage to carrying […]

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Tennis Injuries: Prevention & Risk Factors

There are approximately 54 injuries per 1000 tennis matches played, which is roughly half the number of injuries that occur during the same number of soccer matches. Figures show that approximately 1,130,700 Australians in 2006 aged 15 years and older played tennis in the 12 months prior to being surveyed and that rate of tennis […]

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Understanding The Different Types Of Migraine And Non-Toxic Treatments

According to international healthcare group Bupa, about two million Australians are affected by migraines. Health specialists attribute the concerning statistics to the predominantly unhealthy lifestyle that most people have nowadays which is composed of a poor diet, stressful daily demands, and lack of schedule regularity. Aside from these, there are other known migraine triggers, such […]

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Before You Reach For That Pill – How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Get On Top Of Your Headache

When people experience headaches, their first impulse is to open the medicine cabinet and reach for pain relievers. However, it is not always advisable to depend on pain relievers to remedy a head throbbing in pain. Although medical experts have identified several types of headaches, in broad terms, these can be classified into four major […]

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