What To Expect - NeuroBalance Chiropractic

What To Expect


1st visit:
On your initial consultation with the chiropractor a detailed health and medical history will be taken. If you have any x-rays or other test reports please bring them to this appointment. This will be followed by a comprehensive neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic examination. This appointment will take approximately 40-60 minutes. If you need further investigations then we can refer you for that. Our location makes it easy for us to work in close collaboration with the radiologists and other allied health practitioners. Please be assured that if we think that we cannot help you or if further tests are needed then we will be able to refer you appropriately. On this visit we will outline what the best course of action is for you to take. You will leave the session with a clear understanding about what the problem is and what the best treatment options are for you. 

2nd visit:
This is your Report of Findings visit. This is where the chiropractor will again outline what the problem is and the best next course of action. Any questions, concerns are addressed at this time as well. It is likely that you will be recommended a home treatment exercise programme as well to get things moving along as fast as possible for you. This visit will take from 15-30 minutes. 

Standard visit:
Normal visits are 15 minutes.

Progress Examination:
Is scheduled at a point in time whereby the chiropractor will go through another series of tests to ascertain the progress of the initial complaint but also to make further recommendations for any continuation of care. Your treatment and exercise programme will be modified to help you to keep improving and moving forward. This is will give you the best possible outcomes for the longer term and help to prevent any re-occurences.