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Learn About Neck Pain And Its Treatment

shutterstock_184971827Neck pain is one the more common pains that a person can experience – and, along with back pain and perhaps toothaches, one of the most bothersome. You’re quite likely to have experienced it before: after a long day of sitting and working away at a desk, or after going through an especially stressful experience wherein your muscles seem to be constantly contracted and unable to relax, you discover a dull or sharp pain on your neck that won’t seem to go away. It can be difficult to ignore the sensation, especially if it is beginning to hamper your ability to perform other actions, to focus on tasks, or to enjoy your current activities.

So what causes neck pain, and what can be done to make it go away or make it more manageable? The best person to consult for this subject would be a seasoned and qualified chiropractor – Northern Beaches locals will be happy to discover that there are a number of such reputable specialists in their area, and they can offer helpful information such as those provided below.

What are the top causes of neck pain?

Daily life and routine. It may be quite a simple concept, but over time, your little habits and activities – poor posture, long hours spent sitting and looking down at a desk with few opportunities for breaks, putting on excessive weight – can wreak havoc on your spinal balance, and as a result, your neck muscles will compensate by bending forward, causing you pain.

Getting older. Elderly individuals are more prone to disorders such as osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease which create an impact on the spine and neck. There is reduced elasticity or increased deterioration of intervertebral discs or cartilages, causing limited mobility and pain.

Accidents and injuries. Athletes (or anyone generally into sports and physical activity) are at high risk for experiencing strong blows to their bodies. Likewise, people who figure in car accidents can suffer whiplash – sudden forced movement of the head with a resulting “whipping” motion in the opposite direction.

Why visit a chiropractor for treatment?

Chiropractic offers drug-free, non-surgical solutions to neck pain and other kinds of body pain. It focuses on the relationship between the body’s nerve system and the function of cells, organs, muscles, and other systems. More than merely addressing the symptoms, chiropractic locates the interference that is causing the pain and creating the imbalance so that a more effective and lasting treatment result can be achieved.

Chiropractors are trained in performing neck adjustments – procedures for applying pressure to specific joints in the neck using the hands. Such a procedure would restore your range of motion and improve the spine’s mobility, as well as that of the adjoining muscles. The result would be reduced pain and stiffness or soreness, and you will be able to tilt and turn your head with less or no difficulty. Should you display other symptoms, the chiropractor can develop a unique programme to specifically address your health issues using techniques like mobilisation and rehabilitative exercises or even massage.

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