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Hitting the ground running- a Sydney Chiropractor’s Guide on How to Prevent Painful Running Injuries

If you’re a keen runner then you will know that from time to time hitting the ground hard can cause pain, specifically in common areas, such as the knees, lower back, and ankles. If you’re constantly finding yourself aching or feeling the burn after a long run, it’s advisable to make sure you put a few things in place to prevent a further, more chronic injury in the future.

You might not want to think about it, but prevention is always better than cure in this case.

Here at NeuroBalance Chiropractic, we understand that running is a way of life for many people, a release, and a way of forgetting cares and worries for the time you’re hitting the ground hard. If you’re experiencing pain then this is obviously going to affect your life in general, not just your sporting fun. Sydney chiropractor, Dr Rachael Veronesi, sees and treats countless patients with injuries, or those who simply wish to find out how they can prevent a problem in the future. Chiropractic is certainly one avenue which can help in a big way, in a gentle and holistic manner.

Of course, before you even reach the need for treatment, it’s best to find ways to prevent issues.

Find your limit – Everyone has a limit, and for everyone it is different; basically, you need to find yours and don’t push yourself over it. Feel the burn is a saying, but it’s not a truth which should leave you aching and in agony at the end of a long run. Listen to your body.

Invest in quality running shoes – Cheap and cheerful will not serve you well here, you need good quality, and that might mean spending a little more – it will be worth it.

Chiropractic can help – Helping to keep your muscles and joints in perfect alignment will help create a harmonious start for your daily run. Gentle adjustments to the muscles and joints creates balance, which prevents chronic, long-term problems, such as degenerative arthritis.

Choose your running surface carefully – Again, everyone is different, and for some people, running on grass can cause pain in the knees etc, however for someone else, tarmac is a problem. Again, listen to your body and tailor your run accordingly.

We say it countless times, but prevention is always better than cure, and if you can listen to your body, find ways to help prevent aches and pains, look after your body if you experience a strain, and use chiropractic as a way to treat your body like the temple it is, then there is no reason why you can’t continue to run and hit the ground as far and as fast as you like.

If you are at all concerned about your running career, whether it is a fun pastime or a serious choice, then don’t hesitate to call the practice now on 02 9938 5456 to arrange an appointment and discus prevention and cure, tailor-made to your situation.

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