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A Common Surfing Problem, a Common Answer – Shoulder Injuries

surfing-injuries-shoulderSurfing is known worldwide as being one of the most laid-back, chilled-out, and at one with nature sports there is. Being out in the ocean, riding the waves, is a popular pastime, but it’s also a hobby which can cause pain and discomfort if an injury occurs.

There isn’t a surfer on the planet who hasn’t crashed and burnt at some point during a surfing expedition, crashing into the waves from their board, before recovering and shaking off a few aches and pains. What happens however when those aches and pains become more chronic? Or when an injury is a little more severe?

Thankfully there is help at hand.

Northern Beaches chiropractor, Dr Rachael Veronesi, sees countless individuals with wear and tear injuries, as well as injuries related to a surfing incident, and the most common is without a doubt related to the shoulder. When an injury, surfing or otherwise, becomes severe, it can keep you out of the water for a prolonged period of time, if not halt any further surfing altogether. Whilst severe injuries may need surgery or specialist treatment, there is no denying that chiropractic treatment helps with a variety of surfing-related injuries, in a natural and holistic way.

The reason the shoulder is most at risk of injury is because of a number of reasons, but also because it can be one of the first things to slam into the water or a hard surface when you experience an crash or problem. Rotator cuff injuries are also very common, and because the shoulder is a ball and socket joint, dislocations are common, as well as over-use.

You will know that surfers use their arms to paddle, and the action of doing this strengthens the large muscles in the shoulder, which then puts upward force on the ball of the joint. This can compress the space within the joint, and cause pain and discomfort over time.

The key is quick diagnosis and treatment, to avoid a problem becoming chronic, or to prevent further injury if the accident is due to a sudden surfing crash. Pain reduction, icing the area, and avoiding the positions hen surfing which cause pain are all good first-line steps, however chiropractic management can help rectify a problem, without the need for surgery or strong pain-killers.

Chiropractic involves gentle adjustments and muscle work to the area, in this case the shoulder, which helps to strengthen the muscles, release any trapped or compressed nerves which run across and into the shoulders, neck and upper back, and boosts blood flow into the area, helping with restricted range of movement, and reduced pain. When used in conjunction with a continued programme of exercises at home, as well as lifestyle and posture advice, chiropractic has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of injuries related to surfing, due to the repetitive nature of the sport.

If you are a keen surfer and you find yourself suffering pain and discomfort due to your sport, don’t hesitate to call the practice now on 02 9938 5456 to arrange an appointment. We can help you continue to enjoy your sport, free from the niggling pain of previous injury or wear and tear.

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