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Alternatives For Treatment of Recurrent Ear Infections

Parents with young children who suffer from recurrent ear infections will know that these can be excruciatingly painful for a child. Parents of affected children also have concerns about the risk of permanent damage to their child’s hearing and the consequent developmental and speech problems.

Antibiotics are frequently prescribed even though they are only helpful in the case of bacterial infections and the most common type of ear infection, Otitis Media, can be either viral or bacterial in origin. As Sydney Chiropractor, from NeuroBalance Chiropractic explains, “It is important that parents understand that they have other choices than the antibiotic route which can, in fact, lead to ear infections recurring on a regular basis”.

Below, we take a look at some of the options available to you as a parent. To find out more or to arrange an initial assessment for your child, please call NeuroBalance Chiropractic on 02 9938 5456 today.

Alternative Options For Parents

There are alternatives to antibiotics that may negate the need (for example), for surgery to fit grommets or to remove adenoids.

At their Brookvale practice, their team offer safe, effective alternatives including herbal treatments, nutritional/dietary advice and gentle chiropractic adjustments.

Herbal Treatments

A herbal infused oil is very good treatment for Otitis Media in children. The oil can be used as a first line of attack for the infection and can be warmed by placing one or two drops onto a warm spoon before instilling it into the outer ear canal. For very small children and babies, this is most easily done when the child is asleep. Treatment is repeated once or twice a day as needed although, if no improvement is seen within a maximum of 48 hours of first use, see your Doctor as antibiotics may be necessary.

Herbal teas are a good adjunct to the herbal infused oil treatment and help by soothing mucus membranes in the throat, nose and ears as well as being antiseptic. Children usually find these teas soothing.

Treating with herbal remedies rather than antibiotics can help the child’s own immune system to fight off any infection while at the same time reducing mucus production.

Nutritional Advice and Dietary Interventions

At NeuroBalance Chiropractic, nutritional advice is an important part of the overall care package provided for children, adults and the elderly. For children suffering from recurrent ear infections, supplementation with appropriate probiotics is often recommended, particularly if the child has already received one or more courses of antibiotic treatment. In addition a good fish oil supplement can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Although parents are conditioned to believe that milk, cheese and yogurt are essential for a child’s health and well being, dairy is often the cause of recurrent ear infections. Eliminating dairy products from the diet entirely can bring complete relief from the symptoms. However, parents do need correct dietary advice to ensure that any deficiency caused by the removal of dairy from their child’s diet is effectively countered with other foods and supplements including, calcium and vitamins D3 and B2 in particular.

Chiropractic Adjustments

It is heartening that more and more parents are turning to Chiropractic because thay are realizing the benefits for the whole family and the important role it plays in whole body wellness for adults and children alike.

Gentle upper cervical adjustments that focus on the occiput (in the case of Otitis Media), can help the middle ear to drain and help children to fight off the problem for themselves without antibiotic intervention.

To find out more about how your Sydney Chiropractor could help if you have a child who suffers from recurrent ear infections, call the NeuroBalance Chiropractic Practice today on 02 9938 5456

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