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Benefits of Babywearing for Mum and Baby

Baby wearing has all sorts of benefits for baby, mum and dad.

Baby wearing has all sorts of benefits for baby, mum and dad.

We’ve all seen mums lugging their babies around in carseats that weigh much more than baby does. Perhaps you’ve even been one of those mums. While it comes as no surprise that carrying baby in this way can cause back, neck, and shoulder problems for the person carrying baby, there is another disadvantage to carrying baby this way. The fact is, babies are meant to be close to their caregivers, and most babies are happier when held.

As parents, it’s very difficult to get much done while holding baby. Fortunately, there is a way to keep baby happy, and free your hands to do what you need to do. Baby wearing has significant advantages for both baby and caregiver.

Caregiver Benefits

  1. Convenience – Babies have an innate need to be held. Wearing your baby frees your hands so you can get on with things you need to do. Baby wearing also makes navigating crowds, narrow aisles, and rough terrain much easier than a stroller
  2. Weight distribution – When you carry your baby, all of baby’s weight is supported by your arms. When you wear your baby properly, babies weight is evenly distributed across your hips, back, and shoulders. This makes it easier to carry baby without tiring.
  3. Exercise – When you are a new mum, especially if you have other children, it can be difficult to find time to exercise.When you wear your baby, you are not only able to get up and move around more easily, the weight of baby helps you burn more calories.
  4. Communication – The more you keep baby close to you, the better you get at interpreting babies gestures and expressions. As a result, you learn how to figure out what maybe needs, often before baby starts crying.
  5. Less crying – A fussy baby makes everyone in earshot unhappy. Need I say more?
  6. Economy – Generally speaking, baby carriers cost less than strollers.

Benefits for Baby

  1. Calming – Babies spend several months before they’re born listening to their mother’s heartbeat every moment. After they are born, the sound of mum’s heartbeat can still calm a crying baby.
  2. Eases tummy issues – Being in an upright position can help ease reflux, while pressure on the tummy can help to expel gas. Colicky babies are comforted by both being close to the caregiver and the movement of being worn.
  3. Physical development – When a baby is born, the movements of the caregiver stimulates baby’s vestibular system and helps baby gain a better sense of balance. Some studies have shown that wearing premature babies can help them to gain weight faster.
  4. Safety – As children become mobile it can be hard to keep track of them. In dangerous or crowded situations, a carrier keeps your child safe.
  5. Emotional security – The world can be overwhelming, not just for babies, but for toddlers as well. Most carriers can easily accommodate children up to 35 or 40 pounds. A baby carrier offers a small child a refuge they can retreat to when needed, which can go a long way toward heading off a meltdown, or calming one after it has happened.
  6. Learning – Research has found that babies who are carried or worn cry less and spend more time in a quiet alert state. It is this state in which babies interact the most with their caregivers and the world around them. This stimulus, combined with the unique vantage point that wearing provides, helps baby’s developing brain and nervous system.

Benefits of babywearing aren’t limited to mum and baby. Babies benefit by being worn by dads, grandparents, and anyone else who cares for them.

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